Ask a Librarian Mobile App

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What is the Ask A Librarian mobile app?

Ask A Librarian is a mobile app that connects you to all of your library's reference services, including chat, texting, email, and frequently asked questions. Any library or library consortium can be included in Ask a Librarian at no charge. Ask a Librarian was created with love by Nub Games, Inc., the creators of LibraryH3lp, in conjunction with Chatstaff, LLC.

Find a library

Not sure what libraries are nearby? Browse by location helps you find nearby libraries or libraries around a different location. You can also search for your favorite library by name.

The app remembers the libraries you’ve visited previously so you can quickly revisit those libraries and pick up where you left off. And you can favorite and revisit libraries later.

Find a library by location or name screenshots

Explore reference services

Each library page shows all the library’s available virtual reference services. These services may include real-time chat with librarians, text a librarian, phone a librarian, email a librarian, and frequently asked questions.

Most libraries also include a link to their website, their address so you can find them in your map app, and additional handy information such as operating hours.

Library profile and FAQ screenshots

Review chat history

The Chat History page keeps a list of all the libraries you’ve chatted with. So it is easy to revisit previous chats and continue your research or ask a new question.

Your privacy is important to us! You can opt to clear each chat’s transcript history from your mobile device at any time.

Chat history page and individual chat screenshots

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If you have any issues, general feedback, or feature enhancement requests, please let us know!